About FASL

FASL or, the Florida Amateur Skateboard League, was founded in 1990 as an official affiliate of CASL, or California Amateur Skateboard League. The President of FASL was Linda Miller and she was greatly assisted by "Big Wave" Dave Laytart and his wife Donna, the owners of Cove Skate & Surf in Brandon, Florida, who were instrumental in bringing the league eastward. For three seasons, FASL held a 10 contest series statewide, and previous hosting locations included Kona, Stone Edge, Badlands, Lakes Park, Evans Park, Mike McGill's Skatepark and many others.

2021 marks the return of FASL to the state of Florida, headed up by the original judge and announcer Rodney Mead, and 1993 FASL Skater of the Year Paul Cote' as the co-directors, under the direction of CASL and Rob Kee.

Skateboarding has grown by leaps and bounds since the original FASL days, and the return of a Florida-based contest series is long overdue! Come join us for a family-friendly environment of fun and progression! All ages and skill levels are welcome! Let's shred!

Anyone wishing to participate in any of the FASL programs is encouraged to do so. To become involved in working with these exciting young people of all ages, or to simply make a donation to any of their programs, please contact:

  • Rob Kee: FASL Director
  • Email: moc.liamg|eugaeletakslsac#moc.liamg|eugaeletakslsac
  • Office: 213-221-4553